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Let’s help with some useful things to know upfront to prepare for a successful project.

Off the shelf software appears as a nice easy fix but a one size fits all means you may only fix half your business problem.

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Going along the bespoke software route can be an unfamiliar or daunting process if it’s new to you, however the reality is probably less onerous than you may think.

At this stage you have identified a business issue that could be solved by a software solution and have two paths to choose. Off the shelf software and having a custom or bespoke software solution built for you, both of which have risks attached. We offer an additional third route of tailored software which offer best of both worlds. Rather than a complete development from scratch we either work with one of our own developed solutions and adjust it to fit your needs or we look at the many other third party solutions available and adjust them to fit. This can save time and money and can be a good compromise to get the outcome you need.

The biggest difference with regard to mitigating risk on any software option is that with a bespoke or tailored solution you will be dealing with people to help you make decisions and design a 100% fit to your need. The opposite is true of off the shelf software where there is little hand holding and you spend a great deal of time and compromise finding a solution that only deals with a proportion of the issue and delivers a distracting array of unwanted capability. The Bespoke software will deliver a succinct answer and have a quicker adoption within the workforce being more relevant to their working needs and no unnecessary complexity. Bespoke software solutions fit the business need and fits the operator.


Take a look at the bespoke business software guide for some helpful insights to prepare you for a successful project OR give us a ring to discuss your needs.


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