Allow for time + elapsed time

Being aware of the following potential time sponges will help you manage their impact on solving your business issue through a software solution.

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Expect the unexpected.

Off the shelf software is an apparent instant fix, buy it now and use it. Actually that’s not the true experience and many larger solutions need configuration, implementation and training.

Usually that still is disparate to the time it can take for bespoke software to be delivered, however it is worth bearing in mind the same time hungry issues can be reduced through a bespoke solution. Not having all the more bloated and unyielding off the shelf system features and functions makes deployment quicker.


In a bespoke project you may have taken the advice mentioned in ‘Planning’ so allow for review and sign off elapsed times when scheduling for your delivery date. We have worked with many clients where delivery deadlines are met yet we have to wait for the right people to be brought together across the business to look at a particular phase of development

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. – here is a timing checklist for planning your project, in reality most of these are squeezed to fit a higher timing call!

  • Planning
  • Finding a provider
  • Briefing and agreeing a solution
  • Recruit, diary and convene stakeholders
  • IT department involvement
  • Production
  • Amendments from the business
  • Training
  • Roll out

Off the shelf software is a quicker solution – not always!

Lean, fit for purpose software can be quicker to get running than picking your way through a feature rich one size fits all solution..

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