A guide to help you introduce new business software into your company.

bespoke software for your business - project planning


Let your business issues drive your software solution when you plan and evaluate the the features and functions of off-the-shelf software along side bespoke.

bespoke and off-the-shelf software project timing for business


Any project requires a timeline. Here are some helpful insights into time sponges when delivering a software solution regardless of being off-the-shelf software or bespoke.

bespoke and off-the-shelf software whole cost to the business


There is the price on the invoice and then the true cost of the solution. Weighing up the cost of a bespoke solution versus off-the-shelf software.

implementing new software into the business


Implementation timing, the often forgotten cousin of development. Looking at the hurdles to making the software ‘happen’ throughout your business.

a business perspective on testing new bespoke software


It’s not just about your provider testing your solution but the business scheduling stakeholder and user testing.

getting the right software support package


“Everybody wants to sell me support” – is it money for old rope? Different industry options explained.

protecting your software project investment

Protecting your investment

Will I be left with a white elephant? Custom software has an undeserved reputation of being non transferable … not if you plan well.

exploring bespoke software training options


Buy it in or train up one of you own, it will still need some budget so what are your options.

bespoke business software solutions project guide

and Finally!

Don’t worry. Most clients don’t have all these issues sorted to begin with, they get sorted along the way.