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Implementing software is usually more effected by time than hard cash.

When evaluating a route to proceed with in regards to off the shelf versus bespoke make sure you sketch out the implementation plan in your head.

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Ideally budget for an implementation service (such as ours of course!) This will provide you with an IT professional to liaise with your IT department and be able to offer alternative options where the business is unable to accommodate your solution needs.

There will be certain amount of housekeeping to do to introduce a new software package into the business. A typical example is that of the user login process. A bespoke or tailored solution can accommodate existing login details where as an off the shelf system will require the people in your business to get accustomed to  yet another password that usually has different requirements to other softwares. Equally this needs to be maintained separately.



On occasions implementation can take longer with a standard off the shelf package because it  can easily be overly encumbered with features and functions that get in the way of understanding and operational processes. Before embarking on an off the shelf solution consider what level of user training is offered and how well the support package will work. You don’t want to have to be the internal expert on your software that everybody comes to. Equally carry out the same checks and balances when reviewing your bespoke provider. Make sure the agreed solution includes manuals and any initial onsite training that you feel is required.

Finally, be sure to negotiate a good support package that covers what you need but also that you are not paying for unnecessary features.


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